Hello everybody,

Let me introduce myself: My name is Anastacia and I am a passionate young oncology scientist, who wants to make the life of millions of people better! Much better!

You will ask “how“? The answer is- to support public by improving the understanding about healthcare and increasing the awareness about different diseases, especially cancer. Every year, around 14 million of people in the World are diagnosed with such a disease. And this is the reason why we keep researching and developing new medicines and thankfully, the number of approved anti-cancer drugs increases year by year!

The number of oncological indications for which the drug was approved at the initial indication and later as a supplement medicine. To summarize, between 1949 and mid-2015 oncology drugs were approved for almost 300 indications! (Available at: http://www.managedcaremag.com/archives/2015/10/fda-approval-oncology-drug-indications-1949-2015). 

To decrease the number of patients, who are diagnosed with the disease at the late stages, we need to significantly improve the AWARENESS about it. And this is the first reason why did I start to write this blog.

Also, there is a big gap in collaboration between the patients, clinicians and pharma companies, not saying about the “miscommunication” between the patients and the industries. And this is the second reason: I would like to share the vision from either sites and try to improve communication within the community. Thus, I will be happy if you will share your stories, propose the topics for discussion and GET INVOLVED!

In the future posts I will describe and explain different cancer types (causes, available treatment options) and speak with cancer survivors who had overcome the disease or those, whose relatives are still affected by it.

Here, I will also discuss medical and scientific news, the latest trends in innovation and technology as well as recent updates from the Pharma World.

Finally, as I am a big book fan, especially on the topic of psychology and personal development, I think, it will be upsetting to leave authors’ great ideas unnoticed. Therefore, I plan to share their thoughts with you and hopefully, you will find them useful and interesting.

I hope, the future posts would be interesting and helpful to you!

And to finish this post, I want to wish  ALL the readers a lot of HEALTH and a BRIGHT FUTURE!!! and remember: 





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