Today, the 4th of February is the World Cancer Day!

The aim of the day is to promote cancer awareness, so that less people get the diseasemore research is made and thus, more people are cured; and the quality of life of those who undergo the treatment is improved!

This year’s the tagline: “WE CAN. I CAN“, meaning that YOU can take the action to help to tackle the calamity!

How can YOU and US TOGETHER do it?

WE CAN by: preventing cancer, promoting active and healthy lifestyle, increasing the awareness of the relationship between the everydays’ habits and cancer risk factors, support and further improve education of medical specialists, collaborate and communicate…

I CAN by:  taking preference to have an active and healthy lifestyle, be aware that early cancer diagnosis can save a life, ask for and provide support, share the story and express your opinion and vision…

…and many-many more, which you can find on the “World cancer day 2016” official web-site at: 

download (6)

Cancer affects everyone and TOGETHER we can take the action to reduce the impact it has on our community and thus, to BEAT cancer sooner!

And don’t forget, you can show your support and help to beat cancer, too! From promoting campaigns on social media, translating educative material or  participating in the events. Find out more at: 

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